Monday, 15 October 2007

Jentes first birthday

Jentes first birthday was on Thursday the 11th of October, coincidentally the date of his birth one year before... For some people, the birth of their children seems like only yesterday, but for me, it doesn't and actually, I'm rather grateful for that.
Anyway, we didn't celebrate his anniversary on Thursday (in the day nursery they did and he ate 4 slices of chocolate cake!) but last Sunday with our family and it was a beautiful day! What a pity we didn't buy that farm a month ago with that huge garden, because it was such a nice weather...
We stayed inside and did what Belgians are supposed to do... eat and drink. We tried something new, a brunch and that was really cool, because you could eat loads and loads of food, sweet and salty mixed with coffee and wine. That's really my cup of tea! The other advantage was that at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon everybody started going home, so we had a quiet evening to ourselves, enjoying the leftovers and the cosiness of our children.
Jente quite enjoyed this party as well, he received nice presents, played with them for a while, he liked his (healthy) birthday cake I made especially for him alone and he even changed arms sometimes for about ... 5 seconds.
Myrthe came alone, without her parents, and she was simply adorable: easygoing, pretty, cute, etc. Erinn behaved herself perfectly as well that day so Hannes and I were really proud of our kids.

A big thank you to everyone who remembered Jentes birthday (I know, it's not easy nowadays, everybody's having children...)


Tjoff said...

Eén jaar al!
Dat gaat snel, allé voor mij toch alleszins.
Een dikke proficiat.

dries en tine said...


twas inderdaad een heel gezellige dag, en een leuk idee die brunch!
meer van die feestjes!!

veel groetjes
dries en tine