Monday, 14 January 2008

Dear Friends

To our English-speaking friends, a very happy 2008 as well!
We wish you lots of time to spend precious moments with your dearest. Lots of time as well to read our blog!
I received an i-Pod from my sweet husband, and I have to admit it, it's just great! I'm mostly going to use it for my classes (I bought some portable loudspeakers as well), but last time on the bus, it was so good to turn off the world around me (with its horrible conversations between cigarette-stinking people, with its dirty streets and pouring rain, with its indifference... ) and turn on my brand new i-Pod with my own favourite songs. Really, a healing Zen-moment! You should try it as well!
So, for 2008, I wish you some very special moments on your own, with nobody but yourself and perhaps some good music, but only your own voice inside talking to you and you listening to yourself.

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